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Have you used the Message Center tool in DTS Connex yet? The Message Center tool is a fast, effective way to reach your DTS Users about upcoming events and notifications. The holiday season is a perfect time to use Message Center! With change order fulfillment and delivery often affected by the holidays, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to message users—individually or en masse-- with specific reminders and instructions, all within DTS Connex. Use this video resource today to prepare how you might use this helpful tool this holiday season.

POS information, whether incorporated in real time during deposit creation or imported after the fact, gives users end-to-end transaction visibility that incudes daily cash over/shortages and bank adjustment details, allowing anyone in your organization to identify potential anomalies in daily POS data in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.  In this webinar, we demonstrate how POS information can be seamlessly incorporated into the DTS Connex deposit process and used to augment transaction detail, search and reporting. As well outlining the POS input and integration models. To top it off we provide real-world insights from companies who rely on this functionality. We were delighted to have the following guest presenters who shared their experience using DTS Connex to leverage daily POS information: Cami Maxwell, Senior Accountant at Belk, Melanie Reese, Director of Finance at Brinker International, and Melissa McCaleb, Cash Accounting Supervisor at Brinker International 

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Happy September! We may just be heading into the early days of Fall, but it's already time to start talking about how we can best help you get ready for the holiday season. Read through this September newsletter to discover what Change Order solution users can do to prepare for the holidays, how to update regions, districts, and sub-districts in DTS Connex using a spreadsheet, and why a DTS Connex partnership with Tellermate simplifies the cash counting and deposit processes for our mutual customers. We're grateful and excited to finish 2022 strong, together.

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Expand your admin toolbox with August’s Bite-Size Video! In the “How to Add Regions, Districts, and Subdistricts to Location Profiles” video, PSS Alyshia Varner explains how to add location context to profiles in DTS Connex in order to support reporting visibility and provide more customization options when using the message center feature. Click the link below to watch August’s Bite-Size Video!

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Taking inspiration from the Industry Showcase we hosted in Spring

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July’s Bite-Size Video is here! It’s hard to receive a change order without an accurate address, right? And yet, without validated locations in our system, there’s no way to ensure accurate deposit pick-up and change order drop-off. This month’s Bite-Size Video teaches you how to validate addresses so you can get the service you need. Don’t wait until you’re missing a change order delivery or have deposits piling up to validate your location addresses! Check out July’s Bite-Size Video “How to Validate Addresses” to learn more.

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In June’s training webinar, we covered an enhancement to our system; “Stale

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School's out for Summer! Children nationwide are trading tests and homework for hotdogs, family time, and fireworks displays. In the spirit of summertime, we're taking a break from our monthly webinars for the month of July. So catch up on what you missed in June, explore new Bite-Size videos, and check out a new video from our Solution Partner, Accuvia Software Group.

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Our Bite-Size Videos this month focus on two new features:   "Stale Deposits," a significant improvement to our existing "Phantom Deposits" feature in DTS Connex. Stale Deposits enables an end user to continuously source and utilize clean data by removing deposits made in error.  “Deleted Deposit” reason codes, a new tool useful for adding context surrounding deposits in the DTS Connex dashboard. In short, if a deposit is deleted, you can create customized reason codes (such as “torn bag,” “duplicate,” “miscount,” etc.,) that you require users to add to deleted or stale deposits. This gives personnel reviewing this information the ability to group deposit issues meaningfully and detect any patterns in deposits made in error or other anomalies. 

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It's time for some Spring cleaning! When it comes to a disorganized hall closet, overstuffed garage, or even your DTS Connex dashboard, sometimes it feels easier to keep up the status quo than to take a few minutes to reorganize and try a new approach. But that's exactly what we're inviting you to do this June with the resources we have for you this month. So take a minute, take a breath, and read through this month's newsletter, where you'll find actionable tools to help you clear out the cobwebs and optimize your DTS Connex usage and help you finish the first half (what?!? already?!?) of 2022 strong!

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