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Capture images from any device and upload and store in DTS Connex to reduce time spent gathering assets and gain visibility at headquarters.

Snaps at a Glance
  • From any internet-connected device, users can upload or view Snaps in context with cash operation function or transaction.
  • Our partners use Snaps in several use-cases, from uploading images of courier log books to evidence of inaccurate change orders.
  • Eliminates the need to email images back and forth to solve problems.
  • Allows users to keep their information, images, and communication all in one place: DTS Connex.
  • Streamlines the capture of physical documents from the field.
  • Stores images in context with transactions to create digital archive of evidentiary materials related to missing deposits, change order discrepancies, and other cash related issues.
  • Creates a pathway to audit other store functions remotely through one simple interface.