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Change Orders

Change Orders

Invite efficiency and flexibility into your location’s change ordering process by creating, tracking, and managing orders online. Provides increased automation and enhanced control and oversight.

Change Orders at a Glance
  • A web-based change ordering module that allows for the creating, tracking, managing and analyzing of all ordering activity across all locations.
  • Provides for the creation of new and/or recurring orders that can be customized by the user until your bank's deadline, with limits set by admin users to eliminate errors.
  • Tracks orders from creation to delivery integrating bank and carrier data to ensure visibility throughout the life cycle of the transaction.
  • Optimizes the ordering process by allowing reflection and assessment via reporting and analytical tools.
  • Centralized, enterprise visibility and reporting for all change order activities
  • Full enterprise accountability and ability to establish cost-saving corporate control over change orders using change order approval process and entry and behavior oversight.
  • Capture and audit change order differences.
  • Automate and control change order process using recurring change order process.
  • Reduce the time required to place and manage change orders in the field.
  • Replace VRU, disparate online order systems, and standing order processes.