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Increase process efficiency and improve visibility and transparency by capturing real-time deposit data from all locations, armored carriers, and banks.

Deposits at a Glance
  • DTS Deposits is a web-based depositing solution, accessible from anywhere with internet connectivity, that makes it simple to create, track, manage and analyze deposit activities across all locations.
  • Deposits are tracked from creation through bank verification to provide real-time visibility and insights into every stage of the deposit lifecycle.
  • DTS integrates and captures data from all major banks, armored carriers, intelligent devices, and POS systems and provides dynamic reports on all deposit-related exceptions, including POS over and shorts, adjustments, missing deposits, float issues and much more.
  • Eliminates MICR deposit tickets and reduces deposit adjustments with the unique DTS Connex deposit advice.
  • Establishes end-to-end visibility and audit trails as deposits are created, transported and processed by the bank.
  • Provides real-time reporting of bank adjustments by denomination.
  • Seamless bank, CiT and cash vault migrations.
  • Improves auto-reconciliation with DTS Connex's unique reference numbers and enhanced deposit data and reduces field disruption with remote, enterprise research tools.
  • Enables enhanced capabilities like deposit over/short accountability, deposit consolidation, provisional credit, and more.
  • Unifies cash operations with back office, device, and POS integration.
  • Maps to any deposit process.