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Drawer Recon

Drawer Recon

Gain visibility into daily cash operations and discrepancies at a drawer level for streamlined reconciliation.

Drawer Recon at a Glance
  • During each close, information is captured so field management can attach details and context to each drawer recon entry, such as POS/drawer differences and any pertinent notes explaining those differences.
  • While POS amounts can be entered manually, the information can also be automatically fed to DTS Connex through a POS integration, effectively automating this step of the reconciliation process.
  • Coupled with POS integration, smart device information can also be fed to DTS Connex, fully automating the capture of drawer recon entries.
  • As information is collected, users can review drawer close activity, identify trends, and access a detailed audit trail.
  • Replaces paper-based processes.
  • Creates digital audit trail of shift and lane close.
  • Enables real-time accountability for shift or lane over/short.
  • Integrates with POS and Smart Devices.