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March Events and Updates from DTS Connex

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Here at DTS, our work is never done because we're constantly working to develop new tools and refine existing solutions to help you get the data and visibility you need.

That mission is at the heart of our newest tool release- DTS Manifest QR Codes.

Keep reading to find out how a DTS-generated QR code can help you eliminate logins while increasing manifest visibility in DTS.


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Case Study

Missed it live? Watch the replay!

"Every company has a unique story and unique issues. I think the thing about DTS is they're willing to mold their technology and processes and products around your story."

Those were some of Michael Deakyne's closing words from the MyEyeDr. Case Study Webinar we hosted at the end of February, highlighting how we partnered with MyEyeDr. to find cash solutions that met the unique needs of each of their locations.

Watch the webinar replay to hear more about MyEyeDr.'s cash story, and how they've been able to see cash clearly through partnership with DTS.

MyEyeDr. required a nuanced and individualized approach to cash management, similar to many of our customers! They've harnessed the full power of DTS, using several of our solutions to create the cash management ecosystem that's best suited for their needs.

Use the button below to access the replay of this insightful webinar!


Deposit Smarter
Visibility without the logins.

How many times each day are we prompted to enter login information?

Checking email, ordering online, picking kids up from school, paying for parking… the list goes on.

This is the cost of the near constant battle many businesses face as they try to balance convenience and security. We all want to get what we need in as few clicks as possible, while still maintaining a secure interface.

That's why we're thrilled to share about our new Manifest QR Codes solution.

With Manifest QR Codes, DTS users can eliminate logins and expedite the manifest documentation process.

By simply printing a QR code that is linked to a specific location and affixing it on the store's safe, store personnel need only to take a picture of the completed manifest, scan the QR code, and upload the image in DTS. This process is completely login-free.

Once the image is uploaded, admin users throughout the organization can access the manifest image, preventing time-wasting emails and phone calls trying to track down necessary documentation.

Less time, fewer clicks, secure documentation in DTS.

Win, win, win.

Click the button below to read more about Manifest QR Codes. If you're a current DTS customer and want to use this new tool, or you're curious about this and other solutions, email your PSM or reach out to


DTS One Pass
A One-and-Done Registration Process

If there’s anyone out there who can relate to the frustration of an overloaded email inbox, raise 🖐️ your hand.

We try to stay out of your inboxes unless it's really important, and our DTS webinars are really important. Folks who attend are better informed, better equipped, and have better tools to use the full power of DTS, which saves them time, money, and energy throughout the year.

In the name of saving time, we are now offering a "DTS One Pass" registration.

Basically, you fill out one form one time, and we register you for all of our online events throughout the year. These are the events you'd already be invited to anyway: no spam, nothing that doesn't apply to you. Just a quick, easy way to bypass unnecessary monthly invites, because you're already invited and registered! Instead of needing to register each month, you'll periodically receive calendar holds and reminder emails containing your webinar login credentials.

Save yourself some time in 2024 and register today for the DTS One Pass!



Dts Connex

We’ll see you in Vegas!

We're joining Loss Prevention professionals from far and wide in Vegas for the annual Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association Conference.

DTSers Vince Buscemi and Jason Stambaugh will be in Vegas from March 25th to 26th, ready to connect and share creative solutions to common loss prevention challenges.

Look out for them at the conference, or reach out ahead of time to plan a meetup! Click here to schedule a time to connect with Vince and Jason in Vegas.

Thanks for checking in on what's happening with DTS Connex this March. As always, if we can help with anything, email or check in with your Partner Success Manager.