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How DTS Helps You “Avoid the Noid”

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Keep it Simple, Stupid

Anyone remember that episode of The Office where Michael Scott asks Oscar to explain a “surplus” to him like he’s five years old?

As funny as that moment is, it begs the question… why do we ever make things *more* complicated than they need to be?

At DTS, we love taking complicated cash issues and making them as simple as possible. Simple enough that we can explain it like we’re talking to a five year old, and do it in five minutes or less. Thus, the phrase, “explain it to me like I’m five, in five,” was born.

Today we’re sharing a clip from a recent webinar where DTSers Vince Buscemi  and Jason Stambaugh, dive into the simplest distillation of what DTS does for our customers, using a pop culture reference from the ’80’s to help us along the way.

Because tracking your cash should be simple, as simple as tracking a large cheese pizza, despite the countless cash “Noids” you might encounter along the way.

Watch the short video below to hear more (and yes, you’ll be done in five minutes or less!)