DTS Connex Mid-Year Recap

It’s somehow already June, and the Northern Hemisphere is well into a vibrant and pollen-filled spring season. Just like a dormant garden after winter, DTS Connex has been exploding with new growth these past six months.  

Now that we’re halfway through 2021, we’re taking a collective deep breath to share anything you may have missed from us so far this year. Since we’re not hosting any new events in June, we encourage you to catch up on all our 2021 events, topics, and freshly released tools.  

Keep reading to find out all the new and improved ways DTS Connex can streamline and up-level your day-to-day! 

2021 Events and Education:

DTS Connex Partner Showcase

Our largest event so far was also our most recent, the DTS Connex Partner Showcase. Designed to be a pseudo virtual tradeshow, the Partner Showcase was a time for DTS Connex to shine a spotlight on our incredible user community, providing solution partners like Ellenby Technologies Inc., Tellermate, Tidel, Volumatic and retail partners like HR Block, Inspire Brands, T-Mobile, and Walgreens the chance to share, demonstrate, and dialogue about their recent innovations and time-saving solutions.   

The event was a huge success, with dozens and dozens of attendees tuning in to learn from these industry leaders. We’re still hearing encouraging feedback from those who were able to attend live.  

If you weren’t able to join us live, we’re happy to provide the video replay of each session upon request! 

Please reach out to partnershowcase@dtsconnex.com or contact your Partner Success Specialist to request the files. 

Staples Case Study Webinar

In March’s webinar, Staples’ Corporate Treasury Manager Kristen Mills and Senior Fraud Analyst Liz Sulish provided a cross-functional view of how they use DTS Connex to solve core business challenges, increase operational resiliency, and save time managing cash across the enterprise.  

They describe how they’ve implemented both the Safe Count and Snaps tools to scale and how they use DTS Connex from a Treasury, Reconciliation, and Loss Prevention perspective to save time and money while improving the safety of their field partners in the times of COVID-19.   

This was one of our most popular webinars yet, and for good reason! Click here to watch the replay.

DTS Connex 101: Back to the Basics Webinar

Could you use a refresher course to tune-up your knowledge of DTS Connex fundamentals? The 101 webinar provides an opportunity to expand and refresh your knowledge of foundational DTS Connex systems, processes, and search and reporting tools. Click here to watch the replay. 

Snaps and the Virtual Store Visit Webinar

Snaps is a tool that allows you to gain store cash visibility by allowing stores to easily capture digital information from the field and store them in context within DTS Connex. The tool augments our existing suite of cash management solutions and provides a simple way to digitize routine daily paperwork, gather images of important documents to resolve transaction issues, and add supplementary information to a transaction record.  

Learn more about Snaps and how the tool can play a role in a virtual store visit by watching the video replay.

Safe Count Breakout Session

Vince Buscemi, Partner Solution Architect, provides an overview of one of our store cash tools – Safe Count. Learn how users can use this flexible tool to count and audit units like change funds, tills, deposits, gift cards, etc., enabling you to virtually monitor and keep track of safes at multiple locations, saving time and reducing in-store visits. Click here to watch the replay. 

Deposit Consolidation Coffee Break

Learn about the deposit consolidation process and how you can use DTS Connex to save you time and resources by consolidating your deposits. Click here to watch the replay.

Advanced Integrations Coffee Break 

Are you wondering what type of DTS Integration Services are available? Scott Carter, Director of Development and Jason Stambaugh, Director of Partner Experience provide an overview of available services including Remote Deposit Services and Point of Sale/Back Office Integration. Click here to watch the replay.

Comms, Bots, Surveys and more! Coffee Break

Learn more about what’s on the horizon with the Comms, Bots, and Surveys tool that facilitates a discussion of augmented communications between you and the field through DTS Connex. Click here to watch the replay.

2021 Release Highlights:

One Search for Deposit Shipments

One Search is a new, continually expanding tool that provides an innovative search engine framework within DTS Connex. One Search for deposit shipments is the first search available within that framework, and allows you to input your store, tracking number, or specific deposit amount into the search feature and instantaneously locate the mailer you’re looking for, across all locations.  

Now is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with this search framework, as it will eventually replace all search screens and reporting.  

If you’re not already familiar with this tool, your Partner Success Specialist can enable the tool for you and demo the key search and reporting features.

Here are some additional features:

  • Filter by Brand: Next to the Search Bar there is a plus sign. Selecting this will populate with a drop down containing all of the Brands established in DTS Connex.
  • Filter by Region, District, and Sub-district. 
  • Search “Partial” or “Partially Received:” Locate all mailers where at least one deposit in that mailer has not been received by the bank. 
  • Search “Unprocessed Deposits:” Easily see the number of deposits within that mailer that have not been received by the bank.
  • Additional Search Terms: 
    • “In Transit Not At Bank:” Locate all mailers that have a USPS status of In Transit but have not yet been marked as received by the bank. 
    • “At Bank Not In Transit:” Locate all mailers that are Not In Transit and have been marked as received by the bank.
    • “Delivered Not at Bank:” Locate all mailers that are marked as being delivered but the deposits have not been marked as received. 
  • Requested Delivery Date Column: There is now a new column available through “Choose Columns” that will display the requested pickup date of a mailer.
  • Email Selected: Send mailer information to other users. Placing a check mark in the box to the left of the mailer will allow you to select Email Selected from the action box at the top of the menu. You can also include a message. 

Pickup Requests

The Manage Pickup Requests feature allows you to see and schedule all  requests for  pickup, past requests, and rejected pickup requests  on one convenient screen. Once enabled, the tool can be accessed by selecting “Manage” in the navigation bar then selecting “Manage Pickup Requests.”  

Deposit Services

Our new Deposit Services API enables our retail and solution partners to create DTS Connex deposits from any device or system,  without  logging into DTS Connex.  

To learn more about the integration, check out the Advanced Integrations session video recording here.  

The team dives into available DTS Connex Advanced Integrations and demos how the deposit services tool works in real-time.  

Additional Fields for Intraday

A new “business date” section is available when creating a deposit with the Intraday or Intraday with POS deposit process. The deposit detail now includes a section which sums up the entries by Business Date


As we take the month of June to reset before diving back into events, tools, and teachings in the latter half of 2021, we hope you’ll use these resources and innovations to enrich your DTS Connex experience.  

As always, thank you for being a valued member of the DTS Connex community.  

If we can help with anything, email help@dtsconnex.com or check in with your Partner Success Specialist.  

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