One Search is a brand new tool that provides an optimized and increasingly intuitive search engine framework that is the future of transaction search and reporting. This search framework will eventually replace all search screens and reporting.

The first search is for deposit shipments. With One Search for deposit shipments, you now have an innovative search engine framework where you can input your store, tracking number, or specific amount and instantaneously locate the deposit shipment you’re looking for, across all locations. You can also identify mailers trapped in-transit or in-store, customize reporting, and even save, send, or email your report.

Additional features include:

  • Filter by Brand: Next to the Search Bar there is a plus sign. Selecting this will populate with a drop down containing all of the Brands established in DTS Connex.
  • Filter by Region, District, and Sub-district. 
  • Search “Partial” or “Partially Received:” Locate all mailers where at least one deposit in that mailer has not been received by the bank. 
  • Search “Unprocessed Deposits:” Easily see the number of deposits within that mailer that have not been received by the bank.
  • Additional Search Terms: 
    • “In Transit Not At Bank:” Locate all mailers that have a USPS status of In Transit but have not yet been marked as received by the bank. 
    • “At Bank Not In Transit:” Locate all mailers that are Not In Transit and have been marked as received by the bank.
    • “Delivered Not at Bank:” Locate all mailers that are marked as being delivered but the deposits have not been marked as received. 
  • Requested Delivery Date Column: There is now a new column available through “Choose Columns” that will display the requested pickup date of a mailer.
  • Email Selected: Send mailer information to other users. Placing a check mark in the box to the left of the mailer will allow you to select Email Selected from the action box at the top of the menu. You can also include a message. 

If you’re ready to enable One Search, please contact your Partner Success Specialist or email us at


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