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December marks a time of year filled with traditions like cutting down a Christmas tree with the family, making the first batch of homemade hot cocoa, watching Will Ferrell’s perennial classic Elf, and trying to fit too many activities into too little daylight.
As busy as we all are, we’re constantly reminded of how creative, innovative, and hard working our user community is.

That’s why, this month, we’re so excited to be releasing a new take on an old favorite tool that’s going to work hard for you.
Because getting you back to the work that matters most? That’s a DTS Connex tradition we never get tired of.

The Road Ahead:

Webinar: One Search for Change Orders Demo  Tuesday, December 14th from 11:00-11:30am ET and 2:00-2:30pm ET

Your favorite One Search tool now has a new functionality! In this webinar training, we’ll show you how to use the One Search tool you may be familiar with in its new context: change orders.

In general, the One Search tool provides an optimized and intuitive search engine framework that is the future of transaction search and reporting. This search framework will eventually replace all search screens and reporting.

The first search as part of the new One Search framework was released earlier this year for Deposit Shipments. And we’re excited to announce the next iteration is now available for Change Orders.

The One Search framework enables new search and reporting functionality, a few examples include:

  • Add additional data points to your One Search searches
  • Choose, rearrange and customize which columns are shown on screen
  • Save searches and download your customized reports
  • Email reports to other DTS Connex users

Like One Search for Shipments, One Search for Change Orders allows you to input your store, order status, or specific amount, and instantaneously locate the change order you’re looking for, across all locations. You can customize which data is shown on screen and download the results.

Want to learn more about One Search for Change Orders? Choose the webinar time that works for you and sign up today!

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn about One Search for Shipments, please reach out to your Partner Success Specialist and watch the demo video here

Recent Releases:

One Search for Change Orders

One Search for Change Orders is live! We’re excited to offer our innovative search framework in this new context.
Again, One Search will eventually replace all other search screens and reporting, so now is the time to get familiar with One Search for Change Orders!
Sign up for a webinar time for December 14th’s live training, get the webinar replay, or reach out to your PSS to learn more.
As a reminder, in order to use this new feature, it needs to be activated for your company then added to the appropriate user groups. If you’d like to activate, please reach out to your PSS today.

What You Might Have Missed:

November Pop-Up Webinar: How to Prepare for Armored Carrier Holiday Change Orders

Well, we’re in it now! The holiday season is already in full swing, and if you’re feeling in over your head, check out this recent webinar to find some practical tools to help alleviate your daily cash operations headaches.

December Action Items:

  • Sign up for December One Search for Change Orders webinar.
  • Not using One Search or One Search for Change Orders yet? Let your PSS know if you’re ready to join those in our community who are already using and loving the tool and we’ll get you started!
  • Are you a retail partner who uses DTS Connex with Armored Carrier Service? Watch the video replay of the November Webinar.

Thanks for checking in on what’s happening with DTS Connex this December. As always, if we can help with anything, email help@dtsconnex.com or check in with your Partner Success Specialist.  

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