The Change Order module allows for improved efficiency and flexibility for your locations’ change ordering process while enhancing headquarter’s control and oversight.

DTS Connex Change Orders

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What is the DTS Connex Change Order module?

  • A web-based change ordering module that allows for the creating, tracking, managing and analyzing of all ordering activity across all locations
  • Provides for the creation of new and/or recurring orders that can be customized by the user up and until your bank’s deadline
  • Tracks orders from creation to delivery integrating bank and carrier data to ensure visibility throughout the life cycle of the transaction
  • Optimizes the ordering process via reporting and analytical tools

How does DTS Connex Change Orders work?

  • Headquarters establishes rules: acceptable denominations, order quantities, maximum order amounts and other key requirements.
  • Users create or edit change order transactions
  • System places order for each customer location
  • Bank fulfills the order
  • Change Orders transported to location
  • DTS Connex captures and records all steps in the chain of custody

Why DTS Connex Change Orders?

  • Faster than manual orders
  • Enhances visibility and transparency to all pending, current and historical activity
  • Eliminates duplicate orders
  • Standardizes user interface across all bank partners
  • Reduces excess ordering
  • Leverages unique transaction numbers to simplify reconciliation process
  • Integrates seamlessly with other DTS Connex modules

Download Info Sheet | View Online Demo


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