DTS Connex & Tellermate: Simplifying Cash Counting and Deposit Processes

As we continue sharing innovations made by solution partners, we introduce you to Tellermate, a leading provider of cash management solutions to the retail, grocery, hospitality, and financial industries. In the video linked below, Tellermate demonstrates its linked IoT cash counter Touch and smart LiveSafe seamlessly transferring till count and deposit data to their Cloud-based cash management application Touch Viewer with an integration into DTS Connex. 

Mid-shift, a cashier deposits bills directly into the LiveSafe. This portion of bills is pulled into the drawer’s contents which are then counted on the Touch counter in under 60 seconds. The count data is then sent instantly to Tellermate Touch Viewer which shows all till counts and bills deposited into safes. The Touch’s connectivity enables deposits — including bag and posted date data — to be sent directly to DTS Connex, which streamlines the deposit process and provides end-to-end visibility.  

To learn more about Tellermate’s cash counter tools and their integration with DTS Connex watch their video here.  

To find out more information on gaining instant visibility of money moving through your stores visit www.tellermate.com 

If you’d like to integrate with DTS Connex to streamline your deposit process, click here to learn more about our suite of solutions.  

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