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DTS Connex & Accuvia Software Group: User-Focused Cash Management Solutions

We’re lucky to work with businesses in a range of industries and niches, all focused on one common goal: providing our mutual customers with simple, elegant cash management solutions for their daily operational needs.  

Our first featured solution partner is Accuvia Software Group.  

In this presentation on Accuvia Software Group’s integration with DTS, get an inside look at how our two platforms combined to bring a retailer a unified cash management solution integrated right into their pre-existing store closing process. By utilizing the DTS Connex Partner API, users never need to leave their POS environment to perform their daily deposit functions, streamlining their deposit creation process and training.  

Accuvia also shared a blog on their platform about the varying cash management needs of different retailers, and how that might impact the solutions they reach for. Read that article here.   

Providing elegant solutions to complex cash management problems? That’s what we’re passionate about. We’re grateful to have solution partners like Accuvia who share our passion and customer-centric focus.  

DTS Connex & Cashmaster: Streamlining the Deposit Process

Discover how our mutual customers use the DTS Connex Partner API to create a deposit and print a DTS deposit advice directly from their Cashmaster count-by-weight device.  

Cashmaster has a long history of cash-management innovation, with over 40 years of experience supporting businesses to achieve their loss prevention goals and reduce time and costs incurred through cash handling.  

Cashmaster’s in-store count-by-weight devices allow customers to count their cash, balance their registers, view over/short trends, and store and view hundreds of records of count data, providing a detailed audit trail. By partnering with DTS Connex, Cashmaster provides customers with the functionality to prepare, manage, and track their deposits from the same device. Customers now have one easy-to-use, portable solution for all their in-store cash management needs. 

View the video below to learn more about Cashmaster’s integration with DTS and how to streamline the deposit preparation process.  

DTS Connex Partner API integrations with our solution partners like Cashmaster simplifies regular business practices, bolstering cash-management solutions like weight-scale devices. 

If you’d like to integrate with DTS Connex to streamline your deposit process, click here to learn more about our suite of solutions.  

Keep an eye out for our next Partner Video, featuring Tellermate.

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