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DTS Connex & Accuvia Software Group: User-Focused Cash Management Solutions 

In May 2022, we at DTS Connex hosted an Industry Showcase, allowing industry peers like the Retailer’s Cash Council and The Federal Reserve the chance to share about their recent innovations and developments.   Today, we get to feature a video that highlights innovations and developments from one of our own Solution Partners.   We’re lucky to …

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June Events and Updates from DTS Connex

It’s time for some Spring cleaning!

When it comes to a disorganized hall closet, overstuffed garage, or even your DTS Connex dashboard, sometimes it feels easier to keep up the status quo than to take a few minutes to reorganize and try a new approach.

But that’s exactly what we’re inviting you to do this June with the resources we have for you this month.

So take a minute, take a breath, and read through this month’s newsletter, where you’ll find actionable tools to help you clear out the cobwebs and optimize your DTS Connex usage and help you finish the first half (what?!? already?!?) of 2022 strong!

Bite-Size Training Videos | May 2022

Finding the perfect balance between picking a password that’s both secure and memorable is a challenge not unique to your DTS Connex login. And hard as they might try, your users are bound to forget their passwords every once in a while. To err is human! You could even have a new store user who never learned the previous password before taking over the DTS login.

Thankfully, while resetting a password might be a common issue in your organization, it doesn’t have to be time consuming. If you have a minute and a half and a bookmarks button on your internet browser, you’ve got a quick guide to resetting a user’s password you can access anytime or share with anyone in your organization with admin capabilities thanks to this month’s Bite-Size Video.

Our second Bite-Size Video this month focuses on how to quickly send a mass communication to all users in your organization. Whether you’re reminding users of an upcoming holiday or have a message to share that’s specific to DTS usage, you don’t have to leave our dashboard to communicate with your users. Check out our three minute Bite-Size Video.

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