February Events and Updates from DTS Connex

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Just twelve times a year, we sent out a newsletter with everything you need to know for the month ahead. Keeping apprised of events and updates each month helps you get the most out of your DTS Connex experience. Taking a few minutes to read this email can save you hours throughout the month by optimizing your DTS Connex usage!

So keep reading to find out about February’s One Search Overview webinar, our 2023 Kick-Off Webinar replay, and the recent Customer Deposit Update.

February Action Items:

Want a quick roadmap to this month’s newsletter? Here are February’s heavy-hitting action items. 

  • Register for our February training webinar One Search Overview, on February 23rd at 1 PM ET. 
  • Watch the replay from our 2023 Kick-Off Webinar to see where we are headed this year.  
  • Check out our upcoming DTS release, Customer Deposit Status Update

DTS Connex Training Webinar: One Search Overview

Thursday, February 23rd 1pm ET

Join us for our Training Webinar on One Search!

One Search is a new optimized and intuitive search engine framework that is the future of all transaction Search and Reporting. This new framework allows you to choose from an expanded set of data points and enables you to select and prioritize which search fields populate your report. 

Whether you have already activated One Search on the DTS platform or have yet to enable this search framework, this webinar is for you! We are going to take you through all the iterations and applications of One Search, showing you how to use each of its search capabilities. 

We want you to have better, more concise data and eliminate any data results that you don’t need. 

Click below to register for the webinar today!

2023 Kick-Off Webinar Replay

Did you miss the 2023 Kick-Off Webinar we held in January? If you couldn’t make the live webinar or want to share the webinar with someone in your organization, the replay link is here!

In the webinar, we reflect on 2022’s customer and user trends and cover our key highlights. We also take a look ahead into 2023 and share what’s coming this year with DTS Connex. 

Click below to watch the 2023 Kick-Off Webinar replay! 

Upcoming Releases:

Customer Deposit Update

In an upcoming release, we will deploy an enhancement to the Deposit Service: the Customer Deposit Update. 

Previously, when a deposit arrived at the bank and was, for whatever reason, not updated as “received” through the automatic feed from financial institutions, there was no way to properly denote this update in the DTS system. With this new feature, however, you can now manually update a deposit with the information regarding when it was received at the bank, making your data more accurate and useable. 

This will be a feature that will be included with Deposit Services in the DTS Connex. You will, however, need to reach out to your Partner Success Manager to get this feature activated. If you do not know who your assigned Partner Success Manager is please email help@dtsconnex.com and we will get you set up. 

Thanks for checking in on what’s happening with DTS Connex this February. As always, if we can help with anything, email help@dtsconnex.com or check in with your Partner Success Manager.  

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