How to Streamline Holiday Change Order Processes

Yes, it’s already that time of year! The holiday season is swiftly approaching and we wanted to ensure that all Change Order solution users have the tools they need to ensure streamlined service and accurate reporting despite irregular schedules and big shopping days. 
Get tips and tricks from DTS Connex experts to ensure that you’re prepared to proactively schedule change order deliveries and adjust quantities to work around any potential anomalies. 
The time to plan for the holiday season is now! In the words of President John F. Kennedy, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” 
We hope this assists you to prepare for success with our How to Streamline Holiday Change Order Processes  webinar.

Enhance Cash Accountability and Control With Daily POS Data Webinar

POS information, whether incorporated in real time during deposit creation or imported after the fact, gives users end-to-end transaction visibility that incudes daily cash over/shortages and bank adjustment details, allowing anyone in your organization to identify potential anomalies in daily POS data in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks. 
In this webinar, we demonstrate how POS information can be seamlessly incorporated into the DTS Connex deposit process and used to augment transaction detail, search and reporting. As well outlining the POS input and integration models. To top it off we provide real-world insights from companies who rely on this functionality.
We were delighted to have the following guest presenters who shared their experience using DTS Connex to leverage daily POS information:
Cami Maxwell, Senior Accountant at Belk,
Melanie Reese, Director of Finance at Brinker International, and
Melissa McCaleb, Cash Accounting Supervisor at Brinker International 

Stale Deposits & Deleted Deposit Reason Codes Training Webinar

In June’s training webinar, we covered an enhancement to our system; “Stale Deposits” as well as a recently released feature “Deleted Deposit” reason codes. Stale Deposits enables an end user to continuously source and utilize clean data by removing deposits made in error, allowing corporate to know exactly why a deposit is marked “stale,” and eliminating deposits remaining in the system after they’ve been created in …

Stale Deposits & Deleted Deposit Reason Codes Training Webinar Read More »

General Search and Reporting Training Webinar

In February, DTS Connex Partner Success Specialists showed partners how to optimize use of DTS Connex’s search and reporting tools via two training webinar sessions. If you missed these sessions or know someone in your organization who would benefit from this training, access the video replays here. 

One Search – Change Orders Webinar

During our December Webinar, Partner Solution Architect, Vince Buscemi demos how to use the One Search tool you may already be familiar with in its new context: Change Orders.

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