DTS Connex Virtual Workshop Webinar Replay & Feedback Survey

When it comes to getting clean data, it’s a team effort.

That’s why our DTS Connex Virtual Certification Workshop is for everyone in your organization, from End Users and Store Ops to Treasury and Loss Prevention personnel.

If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, then technology is only as powerful as the knowledge and ingenuity of those who wield it. We have some of the most creative, insightful clients in the business, so it’s our job to make using DTS Connex simple, allowing our clients to use their brainpower serving their customers, not figuring out how to use our system.

“Spring Cleaning” Webinar Replay

When you tidy things up and create systems, you eliminate mental clutter and can see things more clearly, whether that’s your garage shelves, your junk drawer, or even your cash management data.

That’s our vision behind March’s Spring Cleaning webinar. You give us a few minutes of your time, and we’ll share all the ways we can help you clean, organize, and optimize your data in 2023.

One Search Webinar Overview Replay

One Search is a new optimized and intuitive search engine framework that is the future of all transaction Search and Reporting at DTS. This new framework allows you to choose from an expanded set of data points and enables you to select and prioritize which search fields populate your report. 

Whether you have already activated One Search on the DTS platform or have yet to enable this search framework, this webinar is for you! Partner Success Manager, Jess Goodwin walks participants through the benefits and scope of the One Search tool and shares specific use cases from users at Abercrombie & Fitch and Cano Health. 

We want you to have better, more concise data and eliminate any data results that you don’t need. Find out how One Search gets you the results you need, faster!

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