DTS & MyEyeDr. Case Study Webinar

We were thrilled to have Michael Deakyne join us to share MyEyeDr.'s cash management story for this month's webinar.

Vince Buscemi and Jason Stambaugh joined Michael Deakyne, the Director of Treasury at MyEyeDr., to talk about the cash challenges they’ve partnered to overcome in the last few years.

A period of rapid growth forced MyEyeDr. to confront some complicated cash issues. In order to free up cash, they needed a solution that would simplify and harmonize their cash ecosystem while remaining flexible enough to meet the needs of each of their unique locations. 

We partnered with MyEyeDr. to provide that unique solution, working with them to streamline their banking and expand their cash transportation options while maintaining visibility and reconciliation insights. 

In Michael’s words, “every company has a unique story and unique issues. I think the thing about DTS, is they’re willing to mold their technology and processes and products around your story.”

Thank you, Michael, for sharing your DTS story with all of us! 

To learn how Michael and MyEyeDr. has used DTS to streamline and harmonize, watch the video below!  

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