Why is This Major Healthcare Company Using DTS Connex?

Why is a large healthcare company using DTS Connex?

Every so often, I’ll order something online, something I’m really excited about, and there are no shipping updates.

I enter my card information, and then there’s radio silence. The pizza or book or new pair of shoes for my kid just… shows up at my door.

Maybe you’re like me, and you’re less likely to order from a website that doesn’t provide detailed shipping information. It feels like they just take your money and run.

The more excited we are about the order we placed, the more often we check for order updates. There’s nothing better than getting that “out for delivery” notification—especially when it’s a few days sooner than you expected.

So if that is the experience we expect when ordering pizza or books or shoes, then why don’t we have the same expectations for our cash?

It’s not unusual for merchants and retailers to wait weeks to see if their cash deposits are credited to their accounts. And change orders? If you’re not willing to call a company’s customer service line to request tracking updates each time you’re checking in on a package, then why is it okay to call a phone number to key in a change order?

It’s not.

And that’s why our customers are using DTS to get tracking, insights, updates, and accountability through every stage of the cash handling process.

Who uses DTS?

A large healthcare company with thousands of locations across the US is rolling out DTS Connex to all locations.

This customer realized that our Change Order tool could digitize their current process for placing a change order, eliminating frustrating phone calls and misplaced access codes, giving the change ordering process the convenience of modern technology.

That’s a win for store users, but the DTS Change Order solution also changes the game for admin users, who can set change order maximums, institute an approval process, and audit change order discrepancies, all within DTS Connex.  

This healthcare company plans on extending their DTS Connex usage to the Deposit and Safe Count solutions in the coming months, giving them unprecedented insights to cash-on-site, leading to increased accountability and helpful data.  

Our customer loves the transparency of DTS Connex and is thrilled to have easy access to their cash on site, carrier, and bank data, which they can access from one convenient platform.  

This company understands that when it comes to cash, “no news” isn’t “good news.”

Merchants and retailers nationwide deserve the kind of updates and accountability that we’re all accustomed to in our day-to-day lives.

If you get updates on your pizza, books, and shoes, why not your store cash? 

That’s a question this large healthcare company is no longer asking themselves. Because they’re joining over 105,278 retail locations that have cash tracking and insights for every dollar, at every store, on every corner.  

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