Stale Deposits & Deleted Deposit Reason Codes Training Webinar

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In June’s training webinar, we covered an enhancement to our system; “Stale Deposits” as well as a recently released feature “Deleted Deposit” reason codes.

Stale Deposits enables an end user to continuously source and utilize clean data by removing deposits made in error, allowing corporate to know exactly why a deposit is marked “stale,” and eliminating deposits remaining in the system after they’ve been created in error. 

A “Deleted Deposit” reason code is useful for when deleted deposits need extra context and clarification. This new feature is available to you right now, at no additional cost, under the “Admin / Deposit Management / Deleted Deposit Reasons” tab on your homepage. 

This feature gives personnel reviewing this information the ability to group deposit issues meaningfully and detect any patterns in deposits made in error or other anomalies. You do not need to use “Stale Deposits” in order to use the “Deleted Deposit Reason” feature. 

Click the video below to access the short training webinar replay!

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