Out of Office this July? We’ll keep you in the loop!

With temperatures hurtling into the triple digits nationwide, we at DTS Connex hope you’re finding time to cool off, whether it’s poolside, beachside, or inside.  

It’s our job to keep you in the loop each month, even if (we hope!) you’re out of the office. So whenever is convenient, take a minute or two to catch all important DTS Connex updates for July.  

The Road Ahead:

Admin Training Pop-Up Webinar: Tuesday, July 20th

Calling all admin users!   

If you’re an admin looking for power-user tips and tricks or a refresher on DTS Connex admin functions, you are not alone. This month’s webinar is for you!  

In our Admin Training Pop-Up Webinar, we’ll be reviewing admin responsibilities and features available in DTS Connex. 

This new “Pop-Up” webinar format is hosted by the DTS Connex Partner Success Specialists and will occasionally be incorporated into our monthly events. The new format will provide you with the opportunity to connect with the Partner Success Specialists and user community in a smaller setting.

First up is Admin Training! There are two time slots available for the 1-hour webinar on the 20th.  

Sign up for the 1pm ET time with Roisin Bowers if you use DTS Connex with Armored Couriers

Sign up for the 3pm ET time with Jess Goodwin if you use DTS Connex with Non-Armored Couriers.  

Each session will walk-through admin responsibility basics, including the processes for:  

  1. Search Functions: Learn how to create exception reporting and identify problem locations using search terms. 
  2. Reporting: Understand key reports available including Rejected Pickup Requests, USPS Delivered Deposits, Locations without Transportation Data, All Transportation Pickups, Adjustments by User, etc.
  3. Admin Only Functions: Discover how to create user groups, location profiles and activate locations. In addition, learn how to add users, delete users, manage user access and more! 

A Q&A session will follow the webinar, and you’ll walk away with a link to download the Admin User Manual.   

If you are not personally an admin user but know admin users who want to refresh their knowledge and learn new tips and tricks, feel free to forward them this link directly.   

Recent Releases:

Deposit Consolidation

An additional Deposit Consolidation process is now live providing customers with an enhanced solution to efficiently consolidate deposits and drive store cash accountability. For more information on the available processes, please reach out to help@dtsconnex.com

Advanced Integration Services

The Partner API is updated to now include Intraday Entries. The update also allows users to create shipping labels and request pick-ups. The API can also now be used with recyclers, allowing users to print deposit advices directly from a recycler device.

For questions about these recent releases and enhancements, please reach out to help@dtsconnex.com

What You Might Have Missed:

Partner Showcase: May 2021

Our Partner Showcase at the end of May was a huge success, which meant that we got to share the innovative tools and strategies our retail and solution partners are using to take DTS into the next decade and beyond with the greater community.  

We are still receiving positive feedback from this event, as well as insight into how to make the Partner Showcase even better in years to come.  

If you were not able to attend live, we are happy to provide you with the video replay of any sessions. 

Just email partnershowcase@dtsconnex.com or contact your Partner Success Specialist to request the files.  

Need a refresher on the topics we covered? Click here for an overview of each session.  

Mid-Year Recap: June 2021

Last month we sent a mid-year update email to catch you up on all our events and release highlights so far this year. 

Think of this as a quick index of everything of note we’ve shared this year.  

If you missed it the first time around, you can check it out here

July Action Items:

  • Register for the Admin Training Pop-Up Webinar
  • Review the Partner Showcase sessions and request video replays for any you want to access
  • Read the Mid-Year Recap email

Thanks for checking in on what’s happening with DTS Connex this July. As always, if we can help with anything, email help@dtsconnex.com or check in with your Partner Success Specialist.  

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