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It’s officially the time of year when calendars fill up, kids’ school schedules get hectic before the summer months, and you’re often left worrying that there’s some big task or event that’s completely slipped your mind. 

When you check the monthly DTS Connex news, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because everything you need to know for the next month is right here in one place! No wondering or worrying required. 

This month we have details about our (annual partner favorite) Showcase event, ways to power-up your daily DTS Connex Deposit Solution usage, and helpful Bite-Size training tools to keep your skills sharp. 

Keep reading to find out all of the essential DTS Connex items on the docket for May. 

The Road Ahead:

May Industry Showcase

Thursday, May 19th 1:00pm – 3:00pm ET 

The DTS Connex Industry Showcase is just a week away!

The Industry Showcase is a time for us to provide a platform for industry peers to share about their products and innovations. At DTS Connex, we believe that community is built when we share ideas and discuss the future of our collective industry. 

That’s why we’re excited to share with you three live sessions featured between 1:00pm and 3:00pm ET on May 19th. 

Check out the line up below to learn more about the three live sessions you can catch on May 19th. 

A Tech-Enabled Cash Ecosystem Solution Integrator | Sesami 
Presenter: Marty Hendrickson, SVP Global Business Development

On February 1, 2022 GardaWorld announced the creation of Sesami Cash Management Technologies, an innovative cash ecosystem performance and technology company. During this session, attendees will hear about Sesami’s vision, their acquisition of Tidel and Gunnebo Group’s cash management business, and what’s next for the firm.
Influencing the Cash Handling Industry | Retailers Cash Council

Presenters: Susan Colross (T-Mobile Director, Treasury Operations), Andrew Teachout (Starbucks Treasury Manager), and Kim Clark (Walgreens Senior Director, Enterprise Financial Services)

The presenters will introduce the Retailers Cash Council, a collaboration of retailers, restaurants, and other cash handlers. They’ll share how the team came together, how they are using data to drive results, what they’re learning, and how they are trying to influence the cash handling industry.
FedCash Services Supply Chain Engagement | The Federal Reserve

Presenter: Robert Bujas, AVP – FedCash Services Supply Chain Engagement  

The Federal Reserve will provide an update on the Cash Visibility program including an overview of the effort, benefits for the cash supply chain, recent production pilots and learnings, and the Fed’s roadmap. In addition to the update, they will highlight key release dates of the FedCash E-Manifest Services product that utilizes Cash Visibility standards and opportunities to engage in the Fed’s E-Manifest Readiness Program to jump start onboarding. To learn more about the program in advance, please visit the Federal Reserve Cash Visibility site and watch the “What is Cash Visibility” video.

What You Might Have Missed:

April Training Webinar Video Replay: Deposit Notifications

Even if you are a daily DTS Connex user, there are bound to be some insider power-ups you might not know about that enhance your daily use and don’t cost you a penny extra.

April’s webinar was dedicated to sharing tips and tricks from the DTS staff who work with the system every day. If you want to streamline systems, optimize workflow, and get more out DTS Connex, check out the replay of the Deposit Notification Webinar!

April Bite-Size Videos: Deposit Notifications

The third set of Bite-Size Training Videos are here!

If you’d rather learn about Deposit Notifications through several self-paced short videos instead of watching the April webinar replay, our new set of Bite-Size Videos are perfect for you!

These new videos are just a few minutes long, can be accessed at your convenience, and are always available to be used for daily usage refreshers or training. 

Please note, if you’re not currently using the Deposit tool in DTS Connex, this month’s set of videos will not apply to you. However we’ll continue to cover a range of common DTS Connex admin usage topics in future months.

Want to know more about Deposit Notifications or how to configure them? Reach out your DTS Connex Partner Success Specialist today.

May Action Items:

  • Sign up for the DTS Connex Industry Showcase
  • Watch the April Training Webinar video replay
  • Watch the April Bite-Size Videos or bookmark for future reference

Thanks for checking in on what’s happening with DTS Connex this May. As always, if we can help with anything, email or check in with your Partner Success Specialist.  

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