June Events and Updates from DTS Connex

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It’s time for some Spring cleaning!

When it comes to a disorganized hall closet, overstuffed garage, or even your DTS Connex dashboard, sometimes it feels easier to keep up the status quo than to take a few minutes to reorganize and try a new approach. 

But that’s exactly what we’re inviting you to do this June with the resources we have for you this month. 

So take a minute, take a breath, and read through this month’s newsletter, where you’ll find actionable tools to help you clear out the cobwebs and optimize your DTS Connex usage and help you finish the first half (what?!? already?!?) of 2022 strong!

The Road Ahead:

June Training Webinar: Stale Deposits & Deleted Deposit Reason Codes

Thursday, June 23rd 2:00pm – 2:45pm ET 

We’re excited to announce “Stale Deposits,” a significant improvement to our existing “Phantom Deposits” feature in DTS Connex.

In this webinar, Amanda Ditman will share how Stale Deposits enables an end user to continuously source and utilize clean data by removing deposits made in error. 

This improved feature allows corporate to know exactly why a deposit is marked “stale,” and eliminates deposits remaining in the system after they’ve been created in error. There is also a selection option of “no deposit reasons” that is available for those days that need clarification. 

This feature is easy to use, takes seconds to implement, and saves hours of investigation when trying to reconcile data. 

Join us June 23rd to learn more about Stale Deposits!

Recent Releases:

Stale Deposits & Deleted Deposit Reason Codes

Stale Deposits is an enhancement of the previous tool “Phantom Deposits.”

If you’ve already been taking advantage of Phantom Deposits, you’ll enjoy increased ease of use and expanded reporting features, such as the new search term “Stale” in Search Deposits and Payments, as well as a new report “Stale Deposits” in Report Central. Additionally, there are now a selection of “no deposit reasons” that are available for the days that need that clarification.  

If you haven’t yet used Phantom Deposits and want to eliminate deposits made in error from polluting your data, we invite you to attend our June Training Webinar to get the fast facts on how to best implement this powerful tool. 
Shipping Credential Template Enhancement

This release includes an update to the Deposit Shipping Credential Template(s). The template now includes the ability to set a minimum and maximum # of deposit bags permitted in a mailer. 

Please reach out to your Partner Success Specialist if you have any questions. 

What You Might Have Missed:

DTS Connex Industry Showcase

In May, we hosted our Industry Showcase, where we featured presentations from industry peers and gave our users and partners the chance to connect with groups such as The Federal Reserve and the Retailers Cash Council. 

If you missed the live Showcase, click below to receive your replay link. Don’t miss out on hearing all that’s going on in our thriving industry!

May Bite-Size Videos: Password Reset and Mass Messages

This month’s Bite-Size Video index contain two quick fixes to common admin headaches. 

Find out how to reset passwords for your DTS Connex users in under ninety seconds with this month’s first Bite-Size Video

Then, learn how to send a mass message to your entire organization within DTS Connex. Especially helpful for communicating holiday-related reminders or messages related to DTS Connex usage. 

This entire index takes less than five minutes to watch, so check out the videos, bookmark them for easy access, and let us know if there are any topics you’d like to see covered in a Bite-Size Video!

June Action Items:

  • Sign up for the DTS Connex Training Webinar: Stale Deposits & Deleted Deposit Reason Codes
  • Watch the DTS Connex Industry Showcase replay
  • Watch the May Bite-Size Videos or bookmark for future reference

Thanks for checking in on what’s happening with DTS Connex this June. As always, if we can help with anything, email help@dtsconnex.com or check in with your Partner Success Specialist.  

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