In conjunction with your services, DTS Connex provides a solution for your customers to easily create and manage their online change orders. We have created this page to show you the change order solution in use, provide resources for you to share with customers, and Calendly links to schedule an introduction call with your customers and DTS Connex. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Watch this demo video to learn about the DTS Connex Change Order solution and share with customers.

This video demos how to create One-Time and Recurring Change Orders in DTS Connex.

Step 2: Review and download supporting documents to share with customers.

How to Create One-Time Change Orders >>

How to Create Recurring Change Orders >>

How to Search your Change Orders >>

DTS Connex Admin Manual >>

Step 3 – Option 1: Ready to get started and introduce your customer to DTS Connex?

Schedule a 15-minute introduction call with DTS Connex via the link below. On this call we’ll gather some more information from you and the customer and discuss an estimated timeline. Please note a typical implementation takes approximately 3-5 weeks to complete.

Step 3 – Option 2: Would you or your customer prefer to first see a live demo prior to kick-off?

Schedule a 30-minute demo via the link below. A DTS Connex team member will provide a live demo for your customer.

Please include the customer’s organization and your bank name in the subject line of the meeting request. In addition, there is a text field where you can provide any additional information about the customer that you feel we should know about prior to the call.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call (410) 876-5756.


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