DTS Connex Announces Revolutionary New Safe Count Module

This exciting new functionality takes DTS’ proven ability to automate and streamline cash management processes and applies them to your stores’ safes.

Web-Based Safe Count In Process

What does Safe Count do?

  • Optimizes store-based cash holdings.
  • Provides for the standardization of safe counting procedures across entirety of store network.
  • Reduces district and region management work-load by providing remote, real-time updates on store cash position.
  • Compares reported cash position against company standard and proactively communicates non-standard practices to the store, store operations and all other appropriate personnel.

The DTS Connex Safe Count tool provides all the information you need to manage your safe more effectively, thereby enhancing store operations, sales audit, loss prevention and treasury’s ability to analyze and better manage store cash operations and the company’s overall working capital position.

Click to learn more about Safe Count.

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