Bite-Size Training Videos | July 2022

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July’s Bite-Size Video is here!   

It’s hard to receive a change order without an accurate address, right? And yet, without validated locations in our system, there’s no way to ensure accurate deposit pick-up and change order drop-off.  

This month’s Bite-Size Video teaches you how to validate addresses so you can get the service you need. Don’t wait until you’re missing a change order delivery or have deposits piling up to validate your location addresses! 

Check out July’s Bite-Size Video “How to Validate Addresses” to learn more.

How to Validate Addresses

  1. Save the link to your bookmarks or somewhere else easily accessible so you can reference or share the videos as needed. 
  2. Pick one of the videos to watch right now—they’re only a few minutes long!
  3. Then click here to pull up our feedback form and fill out the questions. It’ll take less than a minute to complete, and it’ll help us tailor future videos to your needs! 

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