2020 User Forum: Real-Time CIT

Download the session slides here.

There is perhaps no frustration more universal than expecting a package delivery and refreshing your browser for tracking information that never seems to update.

Until now, that’s the exact struggle you’ve all likely experienced with getting accurate and updated CIT information.

For years, DTS Connex has been working with the user community to develop solutions that provide better, more timely reporting on CIT pick-ups, deliveries, and service related issues. Real-Time CIT integration is the next step.

Creating an increasingly symbiotic relationship between retail and solution partners, the Real-Time CIT integration allows up-to-the-second updates, which results in decreased errors and research times, higher percentage of deposits with matched courier data, and even a 2% increase in the chances of a deposit reaching the bank.

Watch the forum session video to hear Andrew Teachout with Starbucks, J.R. Davis with Davis Bancorp, and James Kelly with Safe and Sound share how Real-Time CIT creates increased visibility and communicability between retail partners, bank partners, and solution partners.

DTS Connex is looking to expand courier partnerships to get the Real-Time CIT integration more widely used. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us.

About the DTS Connex User Forum

This content was featured at the virtual edition of the DTS Connex User Forum in December 2020. The user-led forum saw more than 130 attendees from more than 60 companies. If you have questions about the content, please reach out to help@dtsconnex.com or call (410) 876-5756.

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