2018 Top 5 User Forum Highlights

We hosted our DTS Connex User Forum on November 3-4 in Chicago. The two-day event featured dynamic presentations and conversations about the future of cash and DTS Connex. Below you’ll find the top 5 highlights.

#1 More Customer Choices

We released over 115 significant developments in 2018 (45% more than last year). These developments expanded our capabilities, improved customer experience, and provided our user community with even more partner and system integration options. Clients can now use DTS Connex to connect with 14 different banks and 10 armored and non-armored carriers.

#2 Real-Time Armored Carrier

Our latest armored carrier innovation features a real-time exchange of information between DTS Connex and the armored carrier. Drivers know exactly what they are picking up and dropping off. Status updates post real-time in DTS Connex. A special thank you to Safe and Sound Armored for working with us to be the first to bring this innovation to market.

#3 DTS Connex Smart Safe Solution

Our agnostic Smart Safe solution is live! We are capturing daily entries, passing provisional credit files to banks, generating DTS Connex deposit advices directly from the smart safe printer, and monitoring and pushing firmware to safes. Soon, customers will also be able to create manual deposits and place change orders on the safe user interface.

#4 Store Cash Tools

Thousands of locations on DTS Connex are now using one, some or all of our Store Cash tools. These tools include Safe Count, Drawer Count, and newly launched Drawer Reconciliation. While designed to replace paper-based processes, fill reporting gaps, and provide greater oversight and control, these tools also capture valuable data that will drive future DTS Connex innovations (see below).

#5 Smart Change Orders and Deposits

With the data we capture through our store cash tools and POS/BOS integrations, we believe it is possible for DTS Connex to determine optimal change orders and deposits using customer defined business rules. Interested? We’d love to hear from you as we design and develop these solutions.


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