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DTS Connex User Forum

Find out how T-Mobile’s provisional credit with a traditional safe solution is performing two years in. This presentation was originally shared by T-Mobile, SunTrust, and DTS Connex during the 2017 AFP Annual Conference. Download Now>>

We hosted our second DTS Connex Forum in October. Over 50 attendees representing 12 retailers, 10 banks, and a variety of other partners joined us for the weekend. We gathered to talk about trends in cash management and the future of DTS Connex. For those that weren’t able to make it, we thought it would be a good idea to share the top 5 highlights.

Non-Armored Courier

With branch deposit processing costs increasing and customer satisfaction with armored carrier services continuing to decline, retailers and other multi-location organizations are looking for alternative transportation options. One of these options was the hottest topic at the DTS Connex Forum and was discussed in multiple sessions during the AFP conference. DTS Connex customers can now utilize USPS and/or UPS to transport deposits and change orders.

Regional Armored Carrier

A group of DTS Connex customers are working together to onboard a variety of regional armored carriers. These carriers will all be integrated with DTS Connex in order to provide better data, visibility and accountability. The goal is to create a nationwide “patchwork” of regional carriers that can meet the needs of large retailers and multi-location organizations. This will diversify the transportation options available in the marketplace.

Deposit Reduction

A customer joined us to share how their POS overhaul and integration with DTS Connex will reduce deposit frequency. Their POS will log daily entries and prompt location partners to log on to DTS Connex to create a deposit once specific conditions are met. All entry data, including the deposit amount, will be automatically transmitted to DTS Connex. This data will be used to complete the DTS Connex deposit process. Rather than creating a deposit every business day, this customer will only create a bank deposit when they need to send money to the bank.

Truly Unique IDs

DTS Connex customers can customize and generate unique identifiers for every deposit, change order payment and change order. This 10 digit number is configured using a combination of static digits (i.e. 1=deposit, 2=change order, etc.) location number, and digits for serialization. Once configured, the unique ID is generated and transmitted to the bank with every transaction, making it possible to tie the said-to-contain to the bank verified totals. Now, thanks to a pioneering customer, we are able to support a truly unique ID. This truly unique ID is generated by the POS and transmitted to DTS Connex for every transaction. It will be used to tie the POS, said-to-contain, and bank verified amount together, creating a three-way match that will greatly ease the burden of cash accounting and deposit reconciliation.

Smart Safe Integration

We announced during the DTS Connex User Forum that development is under way for a variety of smart safe integrations and tools that will be released in 2018. These developments will make it possible for a customer to better manage their smart safe programs. Our tools will be designed to work with any safe, any courier, and any bank. Through DTS Connex, we will be able to facilitate various aspects of smart safe management including: alerts, reporting, and provisional credit.

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