Your April Roadmap to Success with DTS Connex

This month’s events are focused on two of our most exciting new tools – Safe Count and Snaps. And next month we’ll be hosting our first-ever DTS Connex Partner Showcase.

Jason Stambaugh, Director of Partner Experience, provides an overview of recent releases, what you might have missed in March, and action items for April. Check out the video or read on to learn more.

Note, the Staples webinar Jason mentions in the video can be accessed here or via the button below.

This month, we’ve also consolidated all event registration links to one convenient page. Simply click here or the button below to select any and all virtual events you’d like to attend.

Upcoming Events:

April Breakout Session: DTS Connex Safe Count

This month’s Breakout is Thursday, April 15th at 12pm ET. We’ll be providing an overview of one of our store cash tools – Safe Count. Learn how users can use this flexible tool to count and audit units like change funds, tills, deposits, gift cards, etc., enabling you to virtually monitor and keep track of safes at multiple locations, saving time and reducing in-store visits.

We previously offered a “coffee break” slot at both 9am and 12pm ET. To allow more partners to connect over conversation, we have consolidated to one session, now referred to as a “Breakout Session.” Breakout sessions take place on the third Thursday of each month.

April Webinar: DTS Connex Snaps

During this month’s webinar, we’ll be providing an overview of the Snaps feature and showing a demo of how the tool works. Snaps is an image capture tool that augments our existing suite of cash management solutions by allowing users to easily “snap” and upload images and digital information from any device and store them in context within DTS Connex.

If you were able to attend our March webinar featuring a Snaps case study with Staples, we invite you to lean more in this hour-long webinar.

Join us Thursday, April 22nd at 2pm ET to learn how you can digitize routine daily paperwork, gather images of important documents to resolve transaction issues, and add supplementary information to a transaction record with the Snaps tool.

Save the Date: DTS Connex Partner Showcase

We are pleased to announce our first-ever DTS Connex Partner Showcase.
On Thursday, May 20th from 2:00 – 5:00pm ET we are collaborating with select retail and solution partners to share and showcase the latest innovations and unique solutions.
At the Partner Showcase, you’ll be invited to join three interactive breakout sessions lead by one of the featured partners. The showcase will culminate in a networking session open to all attendees.
We’d love to see you at the Partner Showcase this May! To focus our attention and anticipation on this exciting event, this will occur in lieu of any other monthly events like a Breakout Session or webinar training.
Keep an eye out for more information and Partner Showcase updates in the coming weeks. If you know you’d like more information, please check the box indicated on the form here or via the Save the Date button. 

Recent Releases:

Enhancements to One Search for Deposit Shipments

We have several new enhancements to the One Search for Deposit Shipments tool that we want to make sure you haven’t missed. 

  1. New Search Terms! Use these helpful search terms to save time: 
    • “Partial” and “Partially Received”: Locate all mailers where at least one deposit in the mailer has not been received by the bank. 
    • “In Transit Not At Bank”: Locate all mailers that have a USPS status of In Transit but have not yet been marked as received by the bank.
    • “At Bank Not In Transit”: Locate all mailers that are not In Transit and have been marked as received by the bank.
    • “Delivered Not at Bank”: Locate all mailers that are marked as being delivered but the deposits have not been marked as received. 
  2. Pickup Date Column: There is now a new column available through “Choose Columns” that will display the requested pick-up date of the mailer in question.
  3. Unprocessed Deposits Column: Easily see the number of deposits within the mailer that has not been received by the bank.
  4. “Email Selected” Feature: Placing a check mark in the box to the left of the mailer will allow you to select “Email Selected” from the action box at the top of the menu. You can also include a message.  
  5. Additional Filtering: Specify your search with new filter options for Brand, Region, District, and Sub-district. Next to the Search Bar there is a plus sign which will populate with a drop down containing all of the filters.

Additional Fields for Intraday

A new “business date” section is available when creating a deposit with the Intraday or Intraday with POS deposit process. The deposit detail will now include a section which sums up the entries by Business Date.

What You Might Have Missed:

Staples Webinar: A Case Study in Remote Cash Management

In March’s webinar, Staples’ Corporate Treasury Manager Kristen Mills and Senior Fraud Analyst Liz Sulish provided a cross-functional view of how they use DTS Connex to solve core business challenges, increase operational resiliency, and save time managing cash across the enterprise.
The webinar detailed how Staples’ use of DTS Connex has evolved over time, from their initial implementation of the Deposit and Change Order service to being the first retailer to implement both the Safe Count and Snaps tools to scale. 
Kristen and Liz focused on how they use DTS Connex from a Treasury, Reconciliation, and Loss Prevention perspective to save time and money while improving the safety of their field partners in the times of COVID-19. 
This was one of our most popular webinars yet. To watch the replay of the webinar, click here.

March’s Coffee Break: Advanced Integrations

In March’s Coffee Break, we discussed DTS Integration Services including Remote Deposit Services and Point of Sale/Back Office Integration.

To watch the replay of March’s Breakout Session, click here

April Action Items:

  • Register for April events
  • Learn about the recent One Search and Intraday enhancements 
  • Watch the Staples Case Study video replay
  • Watch the Advanced Integrations video replay

Thanks for checking in on what’s happening with DTS Connex this April. Feel free to favorite this email and use it throughout the month as an index of what tools and trainings are available to you.

As always, if we can help with anything, email or check in with your Partner Success Specialist.  

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