Right-Size Your Cash Management Solution

Presented by: Ellenby Technologies, Inc.

Cash management in today’s retail environment can be challenging and costly. Today’s technology offers many solutions for high volume cash depositors but as the cash volume goes down, the solutions begin to lack value. Smart Safes and recyclers provide accountability and security but are usually tied to a long-term armored car contract. They pay for themselves by reducing labor and eliminating cash shrink but not all retailers get enough benefit from them to cover their price and continue walking their cash into a bank branch. Bridging the gap between armored car solutions and walk-to-bank solutions require just the right amount of technology and software. Join us for a refreshing look at a solution that is flexible, smart, and secure.     

Ellenby Technologies, Inc., a pioneering manufacturer of many products in cash handling such as smart safes, smart lockers, and smart transport bags, has developed an innovative cost-effective solution every store can afford.     

Secure Cash at the Point-of-Sale with a “One Touch” Solution

Presented by: Volumatic

At Volumatic, we are experts when it comes to cash handling, cash processing and retail security. We’ve combined our reputation as a trusted cash handling solutions provider with innovative cash management tools to offer U.S retailers the opportunity to: reduce cash processing time and costs, minimize internal theft, block the acceptance of counterfeit bills, and provide error-free cash reconciliation – all at the point-of-sale. 

Our CounterCache intelligent (CCi) ‘closed loop’ solution has helped businesses of all sizes to thrive. CCi users can secure cash at the point of sale, automatically count notes and reject counterfeits. Our CCi ‘one touch’ solution is designed to save retailers time and money so they can focus on what really matters – their customers.     

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Volumatic is a global leader in the design, manufacture and implementation of intelligent cash handling solutions. Our customers in the retail, banking and restaurant/QSRs industries use Volumatic products to enhance security, reduce shrinkage and deliver process efficiencies.  

We understand the challenges that cash handling can bring to a business, and so we’ve designed our products around intelligently solving these concerns. We are here to help with every stage of the cash handling process, from spot-checking and counting to validating and storing. Whether you are part of a global organization or running a small business, our cash handling solutions can help. 

Eliminate Loss and Get Remote Visibility with LiveDrawer

Presented by: Tellermate

What if your cash drawer could use count-by-weight technology to give you accurate, remote, and immediate insight into how much cash is in your till at any given moment? The LiveDrawer by Tellermate does just that. With its ability to highlight discrepancies between the drawer and the POS, LiveDrawer virtually eliminates loss and gives you a full audit trail of your cash. Learn more about LiveDrawer at the Partner Showcase, where Tellermate will share how the product can streamline cash counting and provide moment-by-moment insight into a drawer’s contents.     

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Tellermate is the leading provider of weight-based cash counting devices. We’ve been in business for over 40 years and have built up a long list of blue-chip clients. We have the only cash counter on the market with a cloud-based application that stores full count data. Tellermate offers end-to-end cash management solutions with cash counters, intelligent cash drawers and smart safes.    

Rediscover Recycling Solutions that Streamline Your Cash  Handling Process

Presented by: Tidel

Imagine a cash recycling solution that combines system economics, recycling scalability, and groundbreaking ROI.  That’s what we’ve developed at Tidel.  At the Partner Showcase, we’ll review some of the common pain points in traditional cash handling, explore the benefits of cash automation in the retail sector, and discuss ways that retailers can optimize their in-store labor and reduce third party fees.      

With live demonstrations of cash recycling solutions, we’ll discuss how cash recyclers not only automate back-office processes, but also how they automate front of store processes as well.     

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Since our founding in 1978, Tidel has helped thousands of retail customers across the globe transform the ways in which they secure and automate their cash handling processes. Our mission is to continually develop market leading solutions that empower our clients to achieve greater levels of security, accountability, and transparency in the ways in which they handle their cash.     

Retailer Partners Making Deposit Consolidation Work

Presented by: HR Block, T-Mobile, and Walgreens

After years of lackluster receptions at DTS Connex user community events, it seems that the time has finally come for deposit consolidation to garner some well-deserved attention.  

Retailers nationwide are now using or exploring how this novel deposit process can save time and money without reconciliation headaches.   

At the DTS Connex Partner Showcase, Kate Ditta, Director and Assistant Treasurer at HR Block, Kim Clark, Senior Director of Store Services at Walgreens, and Susan Colross, Director of Treasury Operations at T-Mobile, will share their collective insights on how retailers can design and implement deposit consolidation at scale.  

During the Partner Showcase session, participants will have a rare look at their unique deposit consolidation use cases, discuss implementation and reconciliation challenges, and address attendee questions about the process.   

Inspiring Safe InSites, presented by Inspire Brands

Presented by: Inspire Brands

Bolstered by engaged and inventive clients and partners, DTS Connex has a habit of transforming user pain-points into innovative solutions. Such is the case with the DTS Connex tool Safe InSites, a new API framework and visual reporting suite designed to collect, display, and transit real-time transaction information across multiple managed service providers.   

This solution was inspired by a unique use case presented to the DTS Connex team by Inspire Brands.  

DeLise Cuadra, Treasury Manager at Inspire Brands, joins us in a session at the DTS Connex Partner Showcase to unpack the use case and provide InSite…see what we’re doing here… into how this new DTS Connex solution will provide an accessible enterprise-wide view of critical safe data and streamline both in-store and back-office processes.   

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