Now that we’re halfway through 2021, we’re taking a collective deep breath to share anything you may have missed from us so far this year. Since we’re not hosting any new events in June, we encourage you to catch up on all our 2021 events, topics, and freshly released tools. Keep reading to find out all the new and improved ways DTS Connex can streamline and up-level your day-to-day! 

We hosted our first Partner Showcase on May 20th. With nearly 100 attendees, the user community was able to share, demonstrate, and dialogue about their recent innovations and time-saving solutions. If you missed the Showcase, we're happy to provide the video replay of each session upon request.

During the April Breakout Session, Vince Buscemi, Partner Solution Architect, provides an overview of one of our store cash tools - Safe Count. Learn how users can use this flexible tool to count and audit units like change funds, tills, deposits, gift cards, etc., enabling you to virtually monitor and keep track of safes at multiple locations, saving time and reducing in-store visits.

During the April webinar, Vince Buscemi, Partner Solution Architect, provides an overview of Snaps and how the tool plays a role in a virtual store visit.

In March’s webinar, Staples’ Corporate Treasury Manager Kristen Mills and Senior Fraud Analyst Liz Sulish provided a cross-functional view of how they use DTS Connex to solve core business challenges, increase operational resiliency, and save time managing cash across the enterprise.

During the March Coffee Break, Scott Carter, Director of Development and Jason Stambaugh, Director of Partner Experience, provided an overview of available DTS Integration Services including Remote Deposit Services and Point of Sale/Back Office Integration.

Could you use a refresher course to tune-up your knowledge of DTS Connex fundamentals? Expand and refresh your knowledge of foundational DTS Connex systems, processes, and search and reporting tools.

During the February Coffee Break, Jason Stambaugh, Director of Partner Experience, provides an overview of two deposit consolidation models and demos the process in DTS Connex.

In January's webinar, Amanda Ditman, Partner Care Lead, provides a demo of One Search for Deposit Shipments.

During the January Coffee Break, "DTS Connex Comms, Bots, Surveys and more!" Josh Mann, Chief Strategy Officer, facilitates a discussion of augmented communications between you and the field through DTS Connex.

Safe InSites will enable retail partners to connect their smart safes to DTS Connex through a new Safe API designed to collect real-time transaction information directly from multiple managed service providers. Check out the forum session highlight to see where we are headed with this new solution due for release in 2021.

Check out the forum session highlight to learn how retail and bank partners are working together to close the gap on deposit reconciliation when transitioning from a daily deposit model to a consolidated approach.

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