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Finding the perfect balance between picking a password that’s both secure and memorable is a challenge not unique to your DTS Connex login. And hard as they might try, your users are bound to forget their passwords every once in a while. To err is human! You could even have a new store user who never learned the previous password before taking over the DTS login. Thankfully, while resetting a password might be a common issue in your organization, it doesn’t have to be time consuming. If you have a minute and a half and a bookmarks button on your internet browser, you’ve got a quick guide to resetting a user’s password you can access anytime or share with anyone in your organization with admin capabilities thanks to this month’s Bite-Size Video. Our second Bite-Size Video this month focuses on how to quickly send a mass communication to all users in your organization. Whether you’re reminding users of an upcoming holiday or have a message to share that’s specific to DTS usage, you don’t have to leave our dashboard to communicate with your users. Check out our three minute Bite-Size Video.

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The third set of Bite-Size Training Videos are here! Earlier

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It’s officially the time of year when calendars fill up,

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Did you miss our April Webinar focused on Deposit Notifications?

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At the start of each month, we share updates and education with the goal of improving your experience using DTS Connex.  This month is no different!  Whether we're hosting our monthly webinar, updating our library of bite-size training videos, or planning an annual virtual showcase, we want to provide value and serve our community. This month, we're also sharing the date of our Industry Showcase, a continuation of our most popular event of 2021, the DTS Connex Partner Showcase. So get ready to mark your calendars! Here's what's coming your way this month.

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DTS Connex Safe InSites provides a centralized, enterprise-wide view of critical smart device data and streamlines both in-store and back-office processes.  Inspire Brands’ Treasury Manager DeLise Cuadra joined us during our March Webinar to share Inspire Brand’s use case and provide insight into the new solution.

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Our second round of bite-size training videos are here! At the end of 2021, we learned that there was high demand for short videos that cover a range of common DTS Connex admin usage topics. These videos are specifically geared toward day-to-day administrator contacts.  We’re continuing to develop videos and create a place for these resources to live where they can be conveniently accessed whenever you need them. While we develop additional videos, we'd love to know what you think! 

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Our announcements and updates this month are full of exciting projects that come straight from the questions, suggestions, and requests from our user community. From micro training videos to new API frameworks, it's not lost on us that while our solutions will keep expanding and improving, our user community is our best asset. As you peruse this post and get caught up on all that's happening this March, our hope is that you stay engaged and involved, because your presence is noticed and insight is valuable. 

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Bite-size training videos are here! At the end of 2021, we learned that there was high demand for short videos that cover a range of common DTS Connex admin usage topics. These videos are specifically geared toward day-to-day administrator contacts.  We recently released our first batch of these much-requested micro training videos. Access the Bite-size videos today or save the link to your bookmarks so you can reference or share the videos as needed.

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In February, DTS Connex Partner Success Specialists showed partners how to optimize use of DTS Connex’s search and reporting tools via two training webinar sessions. If you missed these sessions or know someone in your organization who would benefit from this training, access the video replays here. 

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Did you miss our Year in Review webinar last month?

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January is here, and with it comes the opportunity to start all things new, and that's the same spirit we're bringing to our first news update of the year. If you're wanting to create some new habits, routines, and hacks as you use DTS Connex, this is the perfect place to start. We've collected a list of the best trainings, releases, and webinars of the past year so you can get connected with the tools you need to use DTS Connex most efficiently in 2022. Start the new year with some new tips and tools to optimize your DTS Connex experience.

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