It’s Worked 37 Million Times

30,000 Locations on DTS connex

Now in over 30,000 locations across North America.

We are celebrating a new milestone. DTS Connex is now being used in over 30,000 locations across North America. Together, these locations have created 37 million online deposits and change orders. A big thank you to all of our customers and partners for making this possible.

This growth is exciting for us and our user community. We’ve found that our capacity to solve industry problems increases with each new location added to the system. Every new customer and every new partner brings new ideas, perspectives and connections to the table. With the help of our user community, we now have:

  • 6 online cash management modules designed to work with any bank, armored carrier, or partner
  • 13 major banks and 6 armored carriers now exchanging information with our system
  • Deep integrations with cash handling devices and various back office systems

We look forward to continued collaboration with our user community and partners to identify and deliver better cash handling solutions.

Haven’t had a look at DTS Connex recently? It would be our pleasure to demo the platform to you and your team.


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