Drastic Price Reduction for DTS Connex Stock Deposit Bags

DTS Connex Deposit Bag

DTS Connex Deposit BagWe have a very important announcement regarding our stock DTS Connex deposit bags.

Effective January 1, 2018 the price of our stock DTS Connex 9” x 12” deposit bag is $0.09 per bag ($90.00/1000 bags). This price is extended to all customers, regardless of their deposit bag order volume. If you currently purchase stock DTS Connex deposit bags, you will see this price reduction reflected on your next billing.

In addition to this significant price reduction, we are in the process of moving our supply distribution center to a new location. This move will enable us to scale distribution and offer lower shipping fees to our customers.

It is our hope that these cost saving measures allow more customers to utilize a bag that is specifically designed to enhance the DTS Connex deposit process:

  • DTS Connex branding makes it easier for bank vault personnel to identify deposits that utilize DTS Connex processing.
  • The inner dimension is a true 9”, which makes it easier for employees to place the DTS Connex deposit advice inside of the deposit bag, with the barcode clearly displayed.
  • Highly tamper evident deposit bag with a large barcode that can be easily scanned by CIT and bank personnel.
  • The bag numbers have an integrated check-digit capability to ensure they are accurately entered into DTS Connex.

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