The Change Order Evolution

Find out how retailers are evolving their change order process.

The way retailers place, manage, and reconcile change orders continues to evolve. And the tools they use for order creation and management have changed along with it.

Whether it’s a Standard (One-Time) web order, Recurring (Standing) Order, Order Approvals or a combination of the three, we are pleased to have three of our customers join us on The Change Order Evolution webinar to talk about their process and share how they’ve leveraged DTS Connex Change Orders. The discussion highlights how combining any of these order methods with other DTS Connex tools it is possible to not just evolve, but revolutionize how you manage and ultimately reconcile change order activities.

We are proud to have the following  presenters join us for the webinar:

  • Arby’s Restaurant Group – DeLise Cuadra and Shataria Traylor
  • Barnes and Noble College – Jason Snagusky and Joe Laureni
  • Nordstrom – Lena McCready

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