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Your April Roadmap to Success with DTS Connex

April’s events are focused on two of our most exciting new tools – Safe Count and Snaps. And next month we’ll be hosting our first-ever DTS Connex Partner Showcase. Learn more about these events, watch the video recordings from March’s events including a Case Study by Staples, and learn about recent DTS Connex enhancements.

Advanced Integrations Webinar

During the March Coffee Break, Scott Carter, Director of Development and Jason Stambaugh, Director of Partner Experience, provided an overview of available DTS Integration Services including Remote Deposit Services and Point of Sale/Back Office Integration.

2020 User Forum: Safe InSites

Safe InSites will enable retail partners to connect their smart safes to DTS Connex through a new Safe API designed to collect real-time transaction information directly from multiple managed service providers. Check out the forum session highlight to see where we are headed with this new solution due for release in 2021.

2020 User Forum: One Search

One Search is a brand new tool that provides an optimized and increasingly intuitive search engine framework that is the future of transaction search and reporting. This search framework will eventually replace all search screens and reporting. One Search for deposit shipments is the first search. Watch the forum session video to see an overview of how to use this feature.

2020 User Forum: Real-Time CIT

DTS Connex has been working with the user community to develop solutions that provide better, more timely reporting on CIT pickups, deliveries, and service related issues. Real-Time CIT integration is the next step. Check out the forum session highlight to hear how Real-Time creates increased visibility and communicability between retail partners, bank partners, and solution partners.

DTS Connex Snaps Webinar

With DTS Connex Snaps, you gain store cash visibility by allowing stores to easily capture digital information from the field and store them in context within DTS Connex. This brand new tool augments our existing suite of cash management solutions and provides a simple way to digitize routine daily paperwork, gather images of important documents to resolve transaction issues, and add supplementary information to a transaction record.

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