A message from Lou Salafia, President

Though it feels like months, it’s really only been weeks since everyday life changed in so many ways for all of us. Like you, our friends and partners, the DTS Connex crew has been adjusting to this new normal as quickly as we can.

Everyone on the team is now working remotely and quickly coming up to speed with enhanced telecommuting and teleconferencing capabilities. In general, we’ve saved our embarrassing video conferencing moments for each other and not for all of you. That said, more people have heard my dog’s howl than I care to count, so I might need to take a class on speed muting.

Despite these changes you can still reach us as you always have by calling 410-876-5756 or emailing help@ifsservices.comReach out for assistance or, should you want, just a good conversation.

Our IT group is as busy as ever. As you know, they released the new deposit tracking screen a few weeks back and every couple of weeks deploy enhancements, updates and new tools. In the past we would have shared these changes with you in-person, at one of our workshops, during our monthly webinar series and/or through our email campaign.

Obviously, the first two of these communication options are no longer viable given current circumstances. Although webinars are great tools, we’re sensitive to the many hats you are likely wearing now (teacher, full time chef, day care worker, lawn and garden professional, etc.) that make scheduled events difficult to attend, much less engage in. And the email campaign may provide you with details on upcoming enhancements but doesn’t allow for the open discussion and consideration that we here at DTS Connex so value and appreciate from our partners.

So, how to proceed…

  • We will continue to send out emails detailing upcoming enhancements. The number and length of these may increase as we attempt to keep you “in the loop.”
  • We will increase the number of webinars focused on demoing new capabilities. We will try to keep these short and focused while still allowing for Q & A.
  • These webinars will be recorded and made available so you can view at your convenience.

As always, we want and need your constructive feedback. We look forward to working with you to create a communication environment that works for all of us during the upcoming months.

Above all, we look forward to seeing, in-person, all of you once we get to the other side.

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