This year is one to remember, and because we’re not able to host in-person events we have decided to host a virtual opportunity for us to see each other, hang out, share a drink or two or more, and have FUN!!!

The virtual Happy Hour(s) will take place on Thursday, Nov., 19th at 5pm ET and again at 8pm ET for our West Coast friends. If you really miss us, you could attend both times and there may even be a special prize if you do!

This will be a Zoom meeting and we encourage all participants to have their camera enabled so we can see each other and catch up like we normally would do at one of our in-person events.

We are providing an ‘Essentials Kit’ for the event and to ensure a timely delivery of your kit, please register ASAP and fill out the address section. If you want to attend without receiving a kit, leave the address block empty.


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